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Interior Doors

Interior Doors in Alpharetta Ga. By MW Alpharetta Window Installers

When it comes to turning you Alpharetta Ga. house into a home, interior doors can make all the difference. You can transform entire areas into your absolute favorite places by combining different interior door materials. Consequently creating a look that is unique to you! At MW Alpharetta Window Installers, we specialize in interior doors that bring spice, security, and flavor to your Alpharetta Ga. home.

The MW Alpharetta Window Installers team is trained to deliver the greatest service possible. We engage with our customers by learning about their needs. Therefore this helps us create personal relationships. Additionally, it allows us to give proper advice on the best options for their home. Our customers talk with us about their ideal interior door types, which range from molded styles to custom doors. You can choose from a variety of frames and combinations. Our team will help you develop a custom design as well! We take care of everything – from taking precise measurements, to installing your interior doors in a fast and efficient manner.

New interior doors are a small investment that can make a big difference in the aesthetic of your Alpharetta Ga. home. You can create flow between rooms, or provide more seclusion. Therefore, upgrades to interior doors will pay off in the long run! You will feel better about your home every time you walk into a room. In most homes, small modifications can make a big difference. To learn more about additions that can make a huge difference in your home, contact MW Alpharetta Window Installers.

Photo of an interior door in Alpharetta Georgia from MW Alpharetta Window Installers

Types Of Interior Doors

The role of doors in the design and functionality of spaces is an important factor to remember. Interior doors not only connect rooms and define areas, but they’re also actual design components of a room. As a result, it will be critical to consider both their aesthetics and performance when making a decision.

It is essential to distinguish the many types of interior doors in order to select the best options. Of course, there are numerous additional factors to consider when selecting interior doors for your Alpharetta Ga. home. These include materials, shapes, colors, finishes, and sizes. However, an initial assessment identifying the best options for your project, is the beginning point for all decisions that follow. So, how can you know which interior doors are best for your home? Here, we look at six types of doors for you to consider. It’s important to note that these doors types can be customized for your home in wood, vinyl, or laminate.

Hinged Single Door

The most classic choice is a hinged door. These have a swiveling hinge on one side of the door frame and allows the door to swing open from the wall. A single-hinged door can be used internally or externally, and can open inwards, outwards, or in both directions.

French Doors

French doors are two basic single-hinged doors that open in opposite directions. They have multiple timber-framed glass panels that swing inwards or outwards depending upon your needs. They provide an attractive transition between rooms and spaces when used for both interior and exterior doors.

Bi-fold Doors

Bi-fold doors, like single-hinged doors, are constructed from a series of independent folding door panels that can be framed or unframed. Two or more folding panels are used to create these doors. Consequently, they can be pushed to either side of a structural opening.

Pivot Doors

Top and bottom, on-center hinges are common on pivot doors. When the door is open, both the inside and the outside are accessible. Single or multiple pivot doors are both possible.

Sliding Doors

Sliding glass doors open in a horizontal direction, gliding along with another glass panel. They offer smooth transitions between interior and exterior areas. Additionally, sliding doors allow the  convenience of large glass walls

Stacking Doors

Stacking doors resemble sliding doors but have more movable panels. They are typically made up of two or more panels that move behind a fixed panel or structural piece. Therefore, each panel gathers and interlocks with the next, forcing it to glide.

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